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Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association Special Free Yoga Class ( Government and NGO Sponsor) 

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Special Project Funded By Government of Malaysia and Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association and MYWA Yoga Academy and other NGO's

A special up to 27 Free Class for participants 

A health care package worth nearly RM 10,000 including health treatment.

Learn How to stay Healthy

Learn from experts

See the F.A.Q below

Learn From Experts

Lead by Prof Segar who is also a Medical Yoga Practitioner under MOH along with other experts from various line 

Who can Join

All level of age can join. Including the practice is health yoga, sports yoga, Varma, mental health care, beauty tips, health treament and many more


The benifits

A total health care system in traditional way of life

Chat or Contact With An Expert

Call us or chat with us at +60126946266


Who Is The Trainers

Lead By Master Prof Segar and a special team of  Yoga Master expert in a Health Care

What Is The Free Treatment Given

Traditional treatment By Expert Dr and Medical Practitioner. Worth up to RM 10 k. Special Project By Various NGO.

Can I Take Multiple Class

Can as long you are in the age category

What to do if I have injury or illness ?

Please Inform the trainer and fill-up the form and explain the details. Based On that our trainer can try to work out a treatment for you.

Is this program is 100% free

The program is free. If any extra class or treatment or training it will be up to the trainer or Dr the charges. 

What Programs being offered ?

Free Classes Included

  1. Kaya Kalpa ( Anti-Aging and other Medically Proven Health Benefit)
  2. Simplified Health Yoga – All Age
  3. Pranayama (breathing exercise) – All Age
  4. Hatha yoga – All Age(Beginner /Intermediate and Advanced)
  5. Sports Yoga Training – ) For Selected Student
  6. Varma Treatment -Above 12 Year
  7. Herbal and Nutrition – All Age
  8. Medicine from the kitchen – All Age
  9. Savasana – sleeping therapy– All Age
  10. Basic Yoga Teacher Training – Above 11 Years old


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