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Portfolio’s Biography

Master Segar Guru(P.P.W)
Medical Yoga Practitioner
Dip.(E&C)(AUS) Dip.(Yoga)(IND) Bsc.(Tel)UK)

“In The Darkness, I Am Light”

His Story

Master Segar Guru is a Yoga Master from Malaysia, a motivator, health activist, spiritual science teacher, peace activist, researcher, Varma practitioner, and founder- of the Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association and Technology and Health Scientific Research Association Malaysia (TAHSRAM). He creates his unique style of yoga to enhance teaching. He is the First Yoga Medical Practitioner under a first recognized program KKM With and NGO for alternate medicine.

 He is currently researching human enhancement programs that dedicate to improve human capability in daily life using yoga and other techniques. He was also developing a method for improvement of brain activity. He is currently doing studies on the genomics of Mind-Body Therapies. Master Segar using spiritual and yoga technique to activate some part of DNA function which contain the memory of the past inheritance part of his research.


Some of his award


Medical Yoga Practitioner Under MOH




2020 Yuwa shri kala bhusan award by patanjali college of yoga & Research center


2020 INTERNATIONAL YOGA WEBINAR Speaker for SCIENCE OF YOGA FOR COVID-19 PREVENTION AND CONTROL " Conducted by Patanjali College of Yoga & Research Centre (India)


2019 Selected and sponsored by Indian Government (AYUSH) for representing the country as a yoga expert (First Yoga Master)


4 Times International Judge (Thailand x2, Abu Dhabi, Nepal)


Gold Medallist for World and Asia Yoga Championship


Malaysia Book Of Record for “First Fusion Yoga Dance”


Awarded Yoga Bhusan title from Indian Yoga Federation
& many more award local and internationally

 Master Segar has been teaching free classes for the past 13 years and several particular paid courses for the past few years. He also is teaching mainly for children shelter home and low-income families and moulding them and take them for events to showcase their talent. Master Segar is one of the leading yoga masters in Malaysia and globally, teaches yoga to various age groups, among them senior citizens with challenging physical conditions and other sports enthusiasts, e.g. bodybuilders. He is one of the leading in the industry of yoga dance and creator of yoga fusion dance which leads to Malaysia Book of record. He has taken a certificate in yoga then later diploma Yoga & Health. Master Segar is President for Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association (MYWA) and Technology and Health Scientific Research Association Malaysia. (TAHSRAM).

Approach to teaching

The year 2013 was a defining one for Master Segar, when he left his full job to focus on teaching yoga and helping others find the amazing benefits of having a regular yoga practice full time.
Master Segar incorporates some elements of Varma point in his teaching style, especially when adjusting and helping students achieve some of the more challenging asanas. He believes that yoga is beneficial for all enhanced both physical and mental health, no matter how old you are and that the only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves. He claimed that a deep understanding of nature is essential for living in harmony with the law of nature while balancing material well-being with spiritual progress.

Honors and Achievement

International recognition


He has been international judged for 2 Asia, 1 International & 1 World for yoga Championship in Thailand, Nepal, Abu Dhabi. Master Segar has won gold in Abu Dhabi, UAE & Thailand for Asia yoga championship.

Master Segar is Awarded Yoga Bhusan from India Yoga Federation in Thailand during 2018 Asia Yoga Championship for his part in Developing yoga and his contribution.
In 2017 Master Segar has created a new fusion of yoga ‘Yoga Fusion Dance’ which entered in Malaysia book of record.

Master Segar has been awarded a Certificate from Deputy Minister of Sports for winning world yoga championship. Indian High Commissioner has awarded master Segar Certificate for yoga dance fusion 2017 and 2019. The Minister of Nepal has also awarded master Segar for being a judge for International Yoga Championship. Master Segar has also received numerous award from other organizations for his contribution in the yoga industry.

Till date, Master Segar has brought 35 students to the international stage for yoga sports and won 14 gold for the world championship and four silver and six gold and four silver and one bronze for Asia level and 2 bronze for international yoga.
In 2018 Master Segar was successfully organized National Yoga Championship with six states participating with over 100 students pre-qualify from the state level.

Education in yoga

Master Segar completed his diploma in Yoga and Health from Vision College India and graduated in January 2012. He later took an assistant professor course and awarded the SKY assistant professor title which leads him to teach the Diploma program in Malaysia from Directorate of SMART – WCSC. Idakalai Research Foundation in 2016, promoted Master Segar as Professor to teach diploma and other skill programs. Master Segar also took the Varma course (acupuncture point) for a treatment base.
His other educational background is lower Diploma in Information technology, Diploma in Electronics and communication, Degree in Telecommunication and some other certification courses.

His Working Backgrounds

He starts his early days in college by working as a waiter in a hotel as part-time. Later he joined landscape company after his graduation as a chief supervisor for landscaping. Later he joined Supply Haven a weapons and oil industry as an IT technician. Then later, he joined Singtel Broadband as an IT technician and later become a researcher in health products and successfully create a product that can help with certain kinds of illnesses. Later he joined Smart focus as marketing then later become an internal auditor and successfully done an audit in various industries all over Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Courses Conducted


Simplified Kundalini Yoga
~Foundation in yogic philosophy and history
~Teach the nuances of each asana and the instruction and alignment that keep students safe
~Explore how to use the breath to enhance both physical and meditative yoga Practices
~Understanding Asana: an in-depth look at basic poses- Hatha Yoga Pranayama, Meditation
~Making yoga accessible: exploring the importance of modification
~Alignment & Adjustments for different bodies and conditions
~Introduction to Mudras,
~How body systems, particularly muscles and bones, are activated during yoga
~Children Yoga
~Kaya Kalpa – Art of Youthful any Rejuvenate
~Diploma in Yoga
~Yoga Championship Training