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About Us MYWA

Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association (MYWA) unofficial started by a team of yoga master to give free yoga program to the public in 2008. In 2016 Technology and Health Scientific Research Association Malaysia (TAHSRAM) is created to do research on yoga and its medical benefit. Later in 2017, a separate division is been created to handle yoga asana and promoting health which is called as Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association (MYWA).
MYWA Yoga Academy was created to handle training for student with the association.
Also, to bring out the potential in students and encourage them to take up a challenge in the country and international platform.

MYWA has been conducting selection from throughout Malaysia. MYWA yoga trainer and President Master Segar has been in the past 6 years giving a free class in Ayyapan temple hall and 4 years free class for children in Baba Temple hall. He has also been conducting free special training and been teaching yoga for free for the past 13 years. Also, MYWA with TAHSRAM is giving treatment-based yoga.

Creating Health and Yoga Awareness

Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association(MYWA) been going around and spreading awareness on health and importance of exercise and types of exercise that suits. Also, MYWA is collaborated with international yoga association and bring in specialize from abroad to showcase the talent and also to bring up the interest with various yoga method.

Joint Training 

Malaysia Yoga Wellness Association(MYWA) is giving training to students all over Malaysia with trainers from various states. 

Our Achievements

We are one of the top leading yoga community and society. We are also internationally recogize yoga assoction 

Achievement in yoga sport though our program


Students Have been train

Partnership Countries

Our Programs


World Wife AppreciationMedical Assistant Thorough YogaVarma Treatment Yoga CompetitionYoga CampBrain Activities

A program to unite husband and wife in a ceremonial way for the public. It is done once a year for free.

Medical Assistant Thorough Yoga

Advising people based on their needs and helping them to overcome a basic medical problem with yoga with a free class.

Varma Treatment

Treatment based on Indian traditional nerve point. This process is done by Master Nagama and Master Segar and Master Sunder Vadiveloo from India for patients suffering from body muscle n illness. This is done with partial payment or free treatment.

Student Motivation Consulting Mentor Program

Free consulting given to the student for them to choose their career path based on their interest and talent. Try to understand the students need and try to accomplish the problem


Yoga Competition

Selecting people based on their talents and giving them special technical training and preparing them for the championship.


Yoga Camp

Giving free yoga camps to students.


Brain Activities

Teaching children how to utilize brain capacity towards innovation n creativity. This is also to increase memory functionis.


Mentor Program

A program which brings out the student’s talent and determines a career which they adore and assigned a mentor to guide them to achieve the dream

And Many More